Hear Our Stories

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Fantastic Results

“I am amazed by the results I have seen in my wife since she has been coming to Mind Wave Institute.  I feel like I have the old Suzanne back but SUPERCHARGED.  We are able to work happily and easily together in our family business.  And, because of her newly energized contribution, we are seeing even greater success in our already successful business!  She says that now that the blocks have been removed and the depression lifted, she is able to be more present and joyful with life.”

 – Happy Husband

Amazing results…

“My hamster wheel anxiety seems to be gone — really, it feels like that hamster’s been running on that wheel for 30 years.    This is something I thought I would never be able to stop.

Doctor Cindy has a big talent for helping to zero in on what’s really going on.  I’ve found it tremendously effective.”

– April W.

I couldn’t be more pleased

 “Dr. Sholes is truly AMAZING! She helped me with my self confident issues like no one ever has. She is knowledgeable and very intuitive. She uses a variety of techniques that are all extremely effective and enlightening.”

– Karla

I wish I would have met her 30 years ago

 “I went to Dr. Sholes because of anxiety and stress that was so bad it was causing me to lose my hair. Not only did she help me with my anxiety and stress but she helped me deal with other areas in my life where I had been stuck for years. She also helped me get rid of the roadblocks that I put in my own way with regard to the business I am starting. I am 52 years old and for the first time in my life I am calm and content. I no longer feel that I am fighting my way through life. I have a new sense of excitement for my life and I feel joy most of the time.”

– Christine O.

New found hope

“Dr. Cindy managed to do what no other therapist could achieve…temper my anxiety and penchant to blush. Prior to attending Dr Cindy’s sessions, I had experienced 2 years of cognitive behavior of therapy to deal with my anxiety and social phobia all to no avail.  The methods she employs to heal have changed my life for the better, almost instantaneously.”

– Jesus

You will not be disappointed

 “Dr. Cindy is insightful and gets to the the heart of an issue quickly and bypasses possible distress and drama. She is quick and effective.  I highly recommend her services.”

– Lisa S.