Fighting cancer has never been so much fun. Find the magic ingredients below!

What do allergies and cancer have in common? It’s the immune system. Both are immune systems disorders. This is because cancer is a result of the immune system being depressed and allergies are an over-reaction of the immune system. So immune system needs to be in balance to function most effectively for your good health.

I believe that when you have your health you have everything so I am always on the lookout for the most effective tools to create wellness. Here I share 3 of the most fun and effective techniques.

1) Check out this videos to see how laughing and crying can help you create immune system balance. Why Laugh Out Loud

Don’t have time for a laugh or (God forbid) don’t know how to laugh? Check out this video about how you can find laughter in 30 seconds or less just by using this simple technique. How to Laugh Out Loud

2) Getting healthy and staying healthy really is all about pleasure and feeling good. Most people don’t understand this and think they have to sacrifice for their health. Not true. Even eating healthy and cleansing your body of toxins and impurities can be tasty and pleasurable. Check out this video to see the best way I have found to feel great and enjoy life of food. Transform Your Life in 30 Days

I was involved in the conception of the Tranform30 Program described in the video as well as one of the Guinee pigs. And I can tell you a lot of research and thought went into it and it really works. In the first 30 days, I lost 7 lbs. and got out of pain and another 5 lbs. came off gently over time. The best thing was I felt great and enjoyed living my life throughout the whole process. No sacrifice necessary! Thousands of people now have had similar great experiences on the program. If you want to know how and why the Transform30 Program works to improve the health of your body including your immune system, check out this webinar. Getting immune boosting nutrition in your body ever day can be easy and enjoyable.

3) Finally my husband and I have started an amazingly fun and effective morning practice to start the day right and inspire happiness all day long. As soon as we are both us we play the Happy song by Pharrell Williams and dance to the beat. It puts a smile on our faces and gets our blood flowing so we feel bright and alert, ready to face the new day with joy. It is 4 minutes of magic. Check it out: Happy!

If you would like further information on how you can bring more enjoyment and excellent health into your life, get in touch. Or if you want to share how you have been supported to live the life of your dreams, I look forward to hearing that too. – Dr. Cindy