If you feel anxious or are experiencing stress or tension, it could be a sign of your high intelligence and your highly sensitive nervous system. It is estimated that you, as an intelligent person, have over 60,000 thoughts a day. That coupled with all of the information coming in from the world around you and technology, it is no wonder if your brain is frazzled. This excess information in your environment can be overwhelming especially if you are highly creative, thoughtful and sensitive.

And then the stress of over-thinking and over-work can cause a temporary decline in your ability to be the highly functioning person that you know yourself to be. This can be frustrating, anxiety provoking or even cause feelings of depression. It can eventually lead to burnout.

Maybe it is time to clear the mental clutter by weeding the garden of your mind.

The good news is that, with help, all of these feelings, no matter how disturbing, can be released and resolved. You can come back to your creative, bright and passionate self to find the success that you desire.

You can rid your mind of the tangled mass of over-reaction, over-thinking, rumination, stress, panic, fears, persistent worrying, or phobias. You can also eliminate emotional repression, procrastination and other bad habits that hold you back.

Let us support you to find the root of the issues that are blocking you from being your best self. And, together we can weed the garden of your mind until you learn to be the master mind gardener.