Do you feel the abundance of health in your bones?

For people grappling with chronic illness, the answer is often NO! Their journey is often marked by discomfort or pain, an overwhelming dis-ease. These sensations serve as a constant reminder, a signal to our brain indicating that something isn’t right, an urgent message to take action.

When the pain signaling mechanism works as designed, we know exactly what to do. If the hot stove burns you, you take your hand off the stove. Simple. Except … not always.

Chronic illness sends its pain message persistently, even when we’re doing our utmost to manage it and sometimes even after the source of the pain has healed. “Figure it out! Fix it! Figure it out! Fix it!.” seems to repeat over and over. This relentless message can lead to an endless pursuit of relief. It can rob us of our peace, shaking our faith in recovery, and making us question the effectiveness of any remedy.

I’ve observed this pattern of health insecurity repeatedly in my clients dealing with chronic symptoms. They don’t bask in the glow of robust health, rather, they feel its absence acutely. Their focus is often consumed by the pain or discomfort, as these are the messages their body relentlessly sends.

And, what about your healthy cells?

Living with chronic health issues can be a challenging journey. But let’s pause for a moment to reflect.

Among the billions of cells that make up our bodies, how many are truly ill, and how many remain strong and healthy?

The truth is, unless one is at the brink of death, our healthy cells significantly outnumber those unwell. The pain we often feel is a cry only from a minority of our cells in distress.

What if we could shift our focus? What if we chose not to dwell on the pain but instead listened to the quiet, resilient whispers of our healthy cells, embracing their strength and vitality?

Consider that if you focus on the strength of the healthy cells. They hold the potential to rejuvenate the ailing ones. Imagine sending a wave of healing energy to the source of your pain, soothing it into silence with the promise of help.

Remember, your health and well-being are largely dictated by your mindset. This is a blessing, as it empowers you to steer your body towards recovery through positive perception. Every cell in your body possesses the blueprint to a fully functional state. When you mentally and emotionally channel healing, this blueprint is brought to life.

Science has revealed a touching truth about our bodies; they remember the places where inflammation once caused discomfort, even after the ailment has left. This memory can recreate the pattern of the disease within us.*

However, there’s a silver lining to this. Our body’s memory isn’t intractable; it can be reshaped. With rREST, you can release the therapeutic strength of your mind, opening the door to profound healing and well-being.